Media buying services

Intrinsic Media offers a full array of traditional and digital media buying solutions, from in-depth research, planning, and strategy development to media buying, campaign analysis, and optimization.  Our team of highly-trained experts plan, buy, and optimize campaigns on your behalf with one goal in mind – to increase ROI and profitability for your business.  

Traditional Media Buying

When it comes to traditional media buying, Intrinsic Media leverages its years of experience, partner relationships, and strategic perspective to negotiate the best rates and run your campaigns efficiently.  Our team is ready to help navigate your traditional media buying needs from print, to television, to radio, and even outdoor media. 

Intrinsic Media approaches all traditional media buying opportunities through extensive research and strategy.  We analyze the media outlets best suited to engage your target audience(s) and support your promotional efforts, as well as the media types favored in specific geographic regions to best meet your needs.  

From strategy, to ad creative and development, to execution and measurement, let us help get your ads in front of your target customer at the right time.

Television Media

Broadcast, Cable, & On Demand
Programming. We also advertise on OTT/CTV.
See “Digital Media” section. 

Print Media

Magazines, Newspapers, Preprints,
Milestone Publications,
and More.

Outdoor Media

Billboards, Wallscapes,
Transits, Kiosks, Signs,
and More  

Radio Media

Traditional Radio. We also advertise on Spotify. See “Digital Media”

Digital Media Buying

Intrinsic Media also understands we are living in a digital world.  We offer solutions throughout the entire buying process for all media channels and our team of experts is ready to help you strategically partner your traditional media and digital media buying needs.  

Our digital media buying services include everything you see online today – social media, display advertising, search engine marketing, targeted email, video & audio streaming services, websites, and more.  Digital advertising is a wonderful choice when you desire to cast a highly targeted net and reach a very specific audience.  Similar to our traditional media buying process, the Intrinsic Media team will approach your digital buying needs through extensive research and strategy.  We work tirelessly to understand your target audience(s), and through well-thought-out media research and data analysis, we draw actionable insights about your clientele to tailor a media plan that fits your brand.  

Our Digital Services Include:

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