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What We Do

We design

We strategize

We code

We deliver

We are coffee lovers

We are digital enthusiasts who
embrace standing outside of the box
as much as possible…also, caffeine.
We kind of dig caffeine.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your digital marketing goals. We know that each business is a unique shape and form and that is what we keep in mind when creating a specialized strategy for you.

We’ll dig deep and see what we can uncover. We will apply this knowledge to help propel your message as far and wide as it needs to go.

Our thirst for knowledge is real and it leads us to new and unusual places that always seem to introduce us to ideas we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We know that this growth is the key to ensuring we’re at the forefront of this world we call digital.

Our strategy

We are here, first and foremost to learn from you. As trite as that may sound, it’s the truth. Our education in the ways of your business is essential for us to develop a true partnership.

From here, we pride ourselves on working closely with each client to ensure the most efficient and effective campaigns are created and fulfilled.

We love transparency. We love having ongoing dialogues with you. We will communicate the bad, and throw a party for the good. Our belief is simple: Do a good job, create a great environment and watch the good that happens as a result.

We Offer Solutions
Website development :: SEM/SEO :: Targeted Email

Targeted Display and Mobile:

You don’t have to know what “programmatic” means to know that we can make it work for you. We will hone in on your audience, on your customer or client and we’ll make sure that your message is delivered to them when they’re online, wherever they may be and on whatever device they may be using.


In 2018, approximately 170.1 million people in the U.S. view content on subscription based services at least once per month. By 2022, that number will climb to 197.7 million. (eMarketer) – No worries here. If streaming audio or OTT (over-the-top) are found to have a substantial impact on your campaign, we’ve got you covered. If viewing is on-demand, so too will your advertising message be!


Did you know that audiences are set to consume more than 3 hours and 47 minutes of video content online each day? (source: eMarketer). Your video spots are so much more than they used to be. It’s a highly engaging medium and if it fits your strategy, you can be that we’ll take advantage of this platform for you.


With the majority of U.S. adults engaged on at least one social media platform, it’s easy to see why staking to claim to some social media real estate is so important. We have you covered on most major platforms and we’re more than willing to help you not only place paid ads on these platforms, but to help you manage the page and content as well!

How do we put all of this together?

We aren’t happy unless you are happy. Once you campaign begins doesn’t mean that our job is done. We will closely monitor the metrics and data that begin to flow in from your campaign. From here we will see if these data sets are lining up with your goal or if there are optimizations that can be made to help the campaign perform even better.

As we mentioned before, our strategies are individual and based on your needs and goals. This is a true partnership that we want to create. At the end of the day, we want to help you turn first time customers into lifetime customers.


Get to Know us!

Paul Morrone
Director of Strategy & Business Development

With over 10 years of experience in digital advertising, Paul’s worked for some of the heaviest hitters in the media world, including both McClatchy and Raycom properties. He comes to Intrinsic with an appetite for creativity and the desire to do his best for his clients. He’s a self-identified “Professor of the Witty One Liner,” is prone to binge watching, loves to travel and never met a pizza he didn’t get along with.

Colby Dimento
Digital Strategy Consultant

Colby earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing and corporate relations from The University of Mississippi, adding a minor in history purely out of fascination for the subject. This fulfilled her love of public relations and content creation while also arming her with vital knowledge of analytics and fluency in optimizing campaigns. Colby’s also chipping away at seeing 30 countries before her 30th birthday.

Christina Goodin
Digital Operations & Traffic Manager

Managing an influx of invoices, programmatic orders on a deadline, and dispensing solid life advice are all in a day’s work for Chris. Our office mom has 12 years of billing and operations experience; 5 and counting have been spent in media buying and the agency world. She’s brilliant with cultivating both industry and client relationships, and has played an integral role in shaping Intrinsic.

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